When Is It Time To See The Podiatrist?

8 February 2018
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A podiatrist is a medical doctor that focuses specifically on the foot and ankle. If you've never been to the podiatrist before, that may be a good thing, or you may not know when to see the podiatrist. Follow the tips below to know when it is time to visit the podiatrist as well as other helpful care tips for your feet.

When To See The Podiatrist

If your feet are in pain, it could be a number of different things - anything from bunions to falling arches or even a sprained ankle. If you notice any of the following differences in your feet you should see the podiatrist:

  • Pain in the foot or ankle that is persistent when walking or at rest.
  • Changes to your feet, nails or skin.
  • Scaling, peeling or cracking to the skin on the feet.
  • Thick toenails or yellowing of the nails.
  • Numbness anywhere in your feet, or tingling.
  • Foot problems that are caused by diseases such as diabetes.

Problems with your feet is not something you should ever ignore. The pain you feel may not go away and could end up getting worse, causing more problems for you. If you are experiencing pain or other issues with you feet, make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Care Tips For Your Feet

Caring for your feet properly can prevent some of the problems listed above. Use the care tips below:

  • Wear properly fitting shoes that support your feet everywhere, not just your heels and arches, but your ankles as well. Flat flip-flops are not supportive and can harm your feet. Worn out shoes can also be harmful to your feet. Replace worn out shoes and wear supportive shoes.
  • Clip your nails straight across rather than at an angle. Cutting them at an angle can cause ingrown toenails. If you have thick nails, go to the podiatrist to have them clipped for you.
  • Use a pumice stone to help slough off dead skin cells and massage them with a thick foot lotion to keep them soft and to get rid of scaling. Soak your feet to soften the dead skin before using the pumice stone.
  • Wear socks that allow your feet to breathe and that help wick sweat away from your feet to prevent athletes foot and to prevent stinky odors. Use baking soda in your shoes to remove smells and spray your feet and shoes with an athletes foot spray to kill off bacteria.

Your feet are a very important part of your body. Take good care of your feet by wearing the right type of shoes and visit the podiatrist if you spot any problems with your feet. For more information, visit websites like https://www.familyfootcenter.net/.