Toenails Turning Grey? What May Be The Problem

25 August 2020
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Your toenails are probably not anything you think about constantly, but when it's time to put on a pair of sandals and you see that your toenails are turning grey, it can be unsightly and make you not want to wear sandals. The grey discoloration of your toenails may be caused by foot fungus. If the fungus is in your nails, it is going to discolor your nails. They may be grey, or they could also be green-colored as well. Read More 

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet As An Athlete

19 September 2019
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As an athlete, it can be easy to focus on aspects of your health such as eating well or taking care of your major muscle groups, such as your legs. One area of your health that may be overlooked is your feet. Your feet are what allow you to really stay active and deserve to be looked after. Always Wear the Right Shoes for Your Sport You should always wear the right shoes for your sport. Read More 

Things That Might Help Your Uncomfortable Foot Rash

7 February 2019
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Foot rashes are fairly common since your feet are often moist all day and irritated by socks and shoes. You might get a rash by contacting poison ivy while walking barefoot, or you might pick up a fungal infection, or have a medical condition. If you develop a rash that hurts, bleeds, or itches intensely, then you should see a foot doctor for treatment. Here are some things that might help a foot rash. Read More 

Signs You Might Have Plantar Fasciitis And An Overview Of Possible Treatments

10 October 2018
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If your heels are causing a lot of pain, you might have plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can affect both feet at the same time and make your life miserable. However, there are several causes of heel pain and they present their symptoms in different ways, so seeing a podiatrist to get a diagnosis is the first step in finding the right treatment for your condition. Here are some signs your heel pain might be plantar fasciitis and some things you can do to help the pain. Read More 

Bruising And Swelling In Your Ankle? You May Have A Problem With Your Peroneal Tendons

30 July 2018
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If your ankle suddenly looks bruised and swollen, you might think you broke it. Although bone fractures could cause your ankle to look bruised and swollen, the peroneal tendons in your ankles may be inflamed instead. Learn more about the inflammation in your peroneal tendons and how to treat it below.  What Are Peroneal Tendons? Peroneal tendons connect the bones in your feet and ankles to the muscles in your calves. Read More