Tips To Reduce Swelling And Discomfort In The Heel Area

23 June 2017
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If you are a professional tap dancer and have been teaching a dance class that has resulted in being on your feet for several hours each day and have been experiencing moderate heel pain, the following tips will assist with reducing swelling and discomfort in the heel area. 

Foot Soak

Fill a shallow basin with water. Sprinkle a small amount of epsom salt or aromatic bath salt into the water. Use a spoon to stir the salt until it dissolves. Place the basin in front of a recliner or couch. Sit down and slowly raise one foot before setting it down inside of the basin. Lift the other foot in the same manner and submerge it in the salt water. The salt will reduce pressure around both of your heels and will alleviate pain. Leave your feet inside of the salt water until your heels are no longer bothering you. Gently dry your feet with a soft towel when finished. 

Massage And Pain Relief Cream

Ask a loved one to provide you with a foot massage. If they agree to do this, lay down on a couch or bed before the massaging session begins. Give your loved one a tube of pain relief cream to rub into your heels as they are performing the massage.

Some types of pain relief cream are designed to dilate capillaries in the skin and other types are designed to provide a cooling or heating sensation. These types of results will provide you with temporary pain relief. Ask the person who is administering the massage to adjust the pressure that is being applied to your heels until you are comfortable. 

Cooling Sandals And Elevation

Cooling sandals contain gel inserts that will numb your heels and provide soothing relief while you are walking, sitting, or sleeping. Many types of cooling sandals are universally-sized and they can be purchased from a retailer that sells medical supplies. Cooling sandals have straps attached to them that will help hold the soles close to your feet so that the sandals do not slip off.

After putting on a pair of sandals. Place a pile of pillows on the end of your bed or couch. Lay on your back and carefully place your feet on the top pillow. By elevating your feet, blood flow will increase. As a result, pressure around each of your heels will be reduced and you may not feel as much pain.