Toenails Turning Grey? What May Be The Problem

25 August 2020
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Your toenails are probably not anything you think about constantly, but when it's time to put on a pair of sandals and you see that your toenails are turning grey, it can be unsightly and make you not want to wear sandals. The grey discoloration of your toenails may be caused by foot fungus. If the fungus is in your nails, it is going to discolor your nails. They may be grey, or they could also be green-colored as well. If your nails are discolored and it wasn't caused by an injury, it may be due to fungus and you need to do something about it. Read on for tips to help clear up the fungus and how to prevent fungus again.

How To Treat Foot Fungus

You can try to treat your foot fungus at home by keeping your feet clean and dry. Dry your feet properly after bathing and prevent them from getting too moist. Trim your nails often to allow for more growth and to help clip away the fungal nails. The fungus is beneath your nail, so you need to put something on the nail to help heal the fungus. Use an over-the-counter cream or spray that is made for anti-fungal. Use it daily on your feet in the morning and before bed as well. You can also look for an anti-fungal nail polish that you put on your nails just like nail polish to treat and kill the fungus. If your nail fungus isn't clearing up, you may need to seek help from the podiatrist to clear up the nail fungus. You may need a prescription medication to clear up the issue.

How To Prevent Foot Fungus

Foot fungus can affect the nail and the entire foot and is caused by bacteria, which can be found just about anywhere. Be sure you are cleaning your feet when you shower and are changing your socks often if you have sweaty feet. If your feet sweat a lot, you should also spray your shoes with a foot fungal spray. Protect your feet by wearing socks and shoes, rather than wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. Also remember to keep your feet covered when out in public and never go barefoot in a public place, where bacteria can be highly prevalent.

If your nails are turning grey, and you suspect it is foot fungus, get to the podiatrist for a thorough exam and for treatment.