Things That Might Help Your Uncomfortable Foot Rash

7 February 2019
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Foot rashes are fairly common since your feet are often moist all day and irritated by socks and shoes. You might get a rash by contacting poison ivy while walking barefoot, or you might pick up a fungal infection, or have a medical condition. If you develop a rash that hurts, bleeds, or itches intensely, then you should see a foot doctor for treatment. Here are some things that might help a foot rash.

Wear Natural-Fiber Socks

Moisture might irritate a rash, especially if it is caused by a fungal infection, so keeping your feet dry might help. Choose socks made from natural fibers that wick sweat away from your feet rather than trap it against your skin. In addition, wear roomy shoes that have ventilation so moisture isn't trapped near your feet. You may also need to change your shoes and socks during the day to keep moisture under control if your feet sweat a lot.

Use The Appropriate Medications

Your podiatrist can prescribe the best medications for your condition or recommend over-the-counter products that can help with inflammation, dryness, weeping, and itching. You might have to take oral drugs or use creams on the rash. You might have to soak your feet and use moisturizers. If you have a fungal infection, then anti-fungal ointments and powders might be recommended. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis may require additional medical treatments such as allergy testing or light therapy.

Pad Your Feet For Comfort

Certain rashes can make it difficult to walk if the soles of your feet are affected. The rashes can be sore or made sore by scratching. The itching can be intense. One thing that might help is to wear padded socks or gel shoe inserts that make your feet more comfortable so they aren't irritated with every step you take. Your podiatrist should recommend the right shoe inserts and padding so you don't create an imbalance with your gait that can lead to further foot problems.

If you have a rash and you aren't sure what caused it, then getting a proper diagnosis from a podiatrist is an important first step in finding the best way to treat the problem. You might have a simple allergy to a new laundry detergent used to wash your socks or you might have a condition that requires medications and medical treatments to control or heal. A rash can make you miserable when you have to be on your feet all day and at the very least, a foot doctor can help you control the itching and discomfort until the rash clears.